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    Welcome To Nayyab Group of Industries  



Nayyab Group of Industires has many years of experience in manufacturing of Industrial Parts. Nayyab Group of Industires has acquired a reputation of being the top quality Manufacturer, Importer and Supplier of new and used Machinery for various fields of Industry. Nayyab Group of Industires is known for high quality Forged and Cast products, Machined components, gear manufacturing and heat treatment.  
Director's Message
Nayyab Group of Industires has been an inspiring example for all since its inception. From humble beginnings to an illustrious present to the most promising future, NGI has been a legend in the making. Our steadfast values based on high quality, cutting edge innovations and customer satisfaction have been the integral factor in our growth. Today, we can proudly claim that it is our uncompromising devotion to our customer's satisfaction that has earned us recognition and trust, both at home and overseas. Our product portfolio is designed and adapted according to specific customer needs, thus, catering to a large and diversified clientele with different end objectives.

Over the years, this precise understanding has led us to design, develop and forge a great company whose ultimate purpose is to provide customized solutions to its customers.
Our Branch Companies
Central Trading House
Pak Traders
Haji Sons
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